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Wealthy Affiliate University, Not A Scam, Kyle and Carson Review 2017.


Wealthy Affiliate University Review. Is It Worth Joining? Read On And Decide For Yourself.  


Have you ever wondered why so few people try to make money online with an internet marketing business? Also why among those that try only around 3 to 5% actually make any money online with a work from home niche marketing business, while only 1 % make a full time life changing income? It used to puzzle me until recently but not any more. You see, many people think that the internet is some magic10 medium that allows instant overnight wealth without doing any work or providing any worthwhile service or giving real value?


In fact there are no shortage of websites that put that very message online when selling a worthless scam product. These get rich quick “how a high school dropout went from $78,547 in debt to making $427,592.63 in 6 days” total b.s websites feed on people’s stupidity, desperation for a better life, and a desire for lots more money. Or they simply target the inexperienced who are clueless about how money is really made online?

Successful Members.


Many of the people who have joined wealthy affiliate university, especially as free members before upgrading to paying Premium members, are now seeing the success that had previously eluded them before. This is because in Wealthy Affiliate University here we will echo those excited reviews and posts where almost all the members sing their praises. However it is also true that some will not succeed for various reasons, but usually because they lack the self confidence and determination to step outside their comfort zone and really make the effort required to succeed.

What Do I Get as a Free Member?

When you join as a free member you get many of the Premium membership advantages free for the first 7 days. These include:

    1. A getting started training program.


  • Free chat and ability to post questions if you need help or simply wish to interact with other members.Wealthy Affiliate University



  • 2 Free sub-domain websites  hosted by Wealthy Affiliate University.



  • A great community of fellow like minded members.



  • A definite feeling that finally you are in the right place, which in fact you are!



  • Excellent training that is second to none.

What Advantages Do I Get If I Upgrade To Premium Membership?


When you upgrade a whole host of additional benefits are unlocked and made available allowing you to learn more advanced methods. Also to break through the stumbling blocks that have prevented you from proving that you really can make a life changing income online once you have been shown how to do it. Learning is the key to earning!

There is only one way to be successful in business online and the first step is to stop thinking about how much money you can make? That is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. Or running before learning to walk. This kind of thinking is why over 95% who try never make hardly any money or none at all ever. If you find this statement hard to swallow read on and all will be made clear.


Why Do I Need To Pay To Learn? Can’t I Find All This Information For Free?


In order to make a life changing income online you must be able to master the following new skills.:

  1. Find a profitable niche.
  2. Create a content rich website.
  3. Optimise your website to get free traffic using keywords and good website sesign.Wealthy Affiliate University
  4. Drive targeted prospects to view your website.
  5. Build a targeted mailing list from a  page on that website.
  6. Write at least 10 or a lot more follow up emails to first build a relationship with them, then sell related products to solve a problem they were searching to resolve. These products should be going from low cost to ever higher price and increasing perceived value.
  7. Write a newsletter series to send to your list.
  8. Write several articles linking to your website which help these people.
  9. Write blogs doing the same.
  10. Pay for more traffic.
  11. Post on your social media page(s) to get more visitors. Give them a compelling reason to visit your website.
  12. Help others on forums and include a signature link back to your website so those who like your answers may become future customers and refer others?
  13. Repeat all the above once sales are  consistent with another niche website and another and so on.WA8
  14. Eventually get other people to do most of these tasks for you while you free up more of your time to enjoy your new found wealth and think of new ideas for more online projects to earn more money?


So now you see why so few people are able to make any money online. The biggest reason is that they never bother to learn how to do it. Instead they rush headlong into it expecting to become very rich within days or weeks and usually give up when reality dawns. If only their desire had more than a greed for money motivation then maybe they would join a free online membership internet marketing training site and learn how those making money are doing it.




Wealthy Affiliate University is somewhere that those who join and upgrade to paid premium membership can learn a lot. Success is not guaranteed for everyone because as with most things in life, some will succeed and some won’t. There are better online teachers than Kyle and Carson such as Chris Farrell to name one, but also there are many far worse that assume that the member already knows what they fail to show, which for a many is a serious drawback?

Should you join? Not Unless You Want More Freedom And Wealth? Most People Willingly Settle For A Wage Slave Job Mediocrity Lifestyle Instead.

As you can start for free, we say yes, try it and if before the end of the 7 day free trial you are not impressed, simply cancel and try elsewhere. However Wealthy Affiliate does have a lot of useful information once you become a premiumwa_uncover_secrets_250x250 member. You can learn a lot in a few months if you put in the time and effort to improve your knowledge and then you should start to earn some money online as we are doing as premium members.

So we give Wealthy Affiliate University a thumbs up 5 star recommendation as being among the very best online make money membership websites. Only the Chris Farrell Membership can be considered a close rival to Wealthy Affiliate. The rest don’t even come anywhere near. So our advice is forget the rest and join the best. Do it today!

Free Trial Membership or join for $19 first month, then $47 monthly.

This is the very best, fastest growing membership training make money website which we belong to as paying members who earn regular money.